Monday, January 19, 2015

‘12 Monkeys’ makes nine post-apocalyptic TV shows now airing

With the premiere last Friday of “12 Monkeys” on Syfy, there are now nine post-apocalyptic themed television shows now airing in the U.S.
A tenth is set to premiere on March 1 on Fox: “The Last Man on Earth” starring Will Forte.
“12 Monkeys” is based on the 1995 film of the same name. It’s about a time traveler from the year 2043 who is trying to stop the release of a virus that kills most of the world’s population.
“The Last Man on Earth” is a comedy about Forte as the last man on Earth in the year 2022 after an unknown event wipes out the population of Earth.
But the trend of post-apocalyptic television may have reached its peak.
Alien-invasion series “Falling Skies” is scheduled to end its run this summer with a fifth and final season of 10 episodes.
Plus, broadcasters have pulled the plug on two post-apocalyptic shows in production. opted not to go ahead with “The After,” a series from “The X-Files” creator Chris Carter, according to GeekTyrant.
And AMC passed on “Galyntine” from executive producer Ridley Scott, the Hollywood Reporter said. “Galyntine” was set after a cataclysmic technology-induced disaster has resulted in a new society that has eschewed any form of technology.
However, one more post-apocalyptic television show is in the works: the unnamed companion series to AMC’s zombie drama “The Walking Dead.”

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