Thursday, January 22, 2015

Fun, educational map websites

Maps are endlessly fascinating. They show how we define the world. They can be geographical, sociological, political, historical and otherwise educational.
Many popular maps circulated online combine maps with demographic data to yield eye-opening results. They might better be described as infogaphics.
I’ve found a couple of websites devoted to maps that are entertaining and illuminating.
Maps on the Web is a Tumblr blog that posts several cool maps a day.
Amazing Maps is another Tumblr blog that spotlights neat maps.
Both are worth checking out.

Samples maps (Click for larger view): Apostasy in Islam, punishments by country for a Muslim who consciously abandons Islam (top); and Tearing Europe Apart, 20 ways to slice a continent from Yanko Tsvetkov’s Atlas of Prejudice 2.

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