Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sexy Sleeping Beauty artwork

Pop culture artists love to sexualize fairytale princesses, as I’ve written about on many occasions.
Most recently, I reviewed sexy Little Mermaid/Ariel artwork online in July.
For this installment in my series on sexy fairytale characters, I take a look at sexy depictions of Sleeping Beauty, aka Aurora and Briar Rose.
Artist Elias Chatzoudis has done several stunning illustrations of Sleeping Beauty. (See examples at top and below.)
In March, he published a compilation of mature fairytale artwork called “Fairy Tales by Elias.” (Check out his website at Art of Elias.)

Artist J. Scott Campbell is among the best contemporary illustrators of adult-themed fairytales. He has produced versions of Sleeping Beauty for his Fairy Tale Fantasies calendars. (Check out his website at

Los Angeles-based artist Andrew Tarusov recently created a series of pinup-style illustrations of the Disney princesses, including Sleeping Beauty. (Check out his Instagram page.)

Digital artist Jeff Chapman did a photo-realistic take on Sleeping Beauty. (Check out his DeviantArt page.)

Mexican illustrator Biaani depicted Aurora in sexy lingerie. (Check out her DeviantArt page.)

Artist Khary Randolph drew a picture of Sleeping Beauty for Zenescope’s Grimm Fairy Tales: Swimsuit Edition 2010. (Check out his DeviantArt page.)

French artist Virginie Siveton did a boudoir illustration of Aurora in pink lingerie. (Check out her DeviantArt page and her website.)

Canadian artist Emily Molenda did a “sexified” version of Walt Disney’s Aurora. (Check out her DeviantArt page.)

Chilean artist Luis Salas Lastra did a cheeky version of Princess Aurora pretending to be asleep for her prince. (Check out his DeviantArt page.)

Chicago-based artist Tim Shumate depicted Aurora as a tattooed pinup girl. (Check out his website and Facebook page.)

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