Sunday, July 24, 2016

Fairfax County, Va.: The land of dead-end sidewalks

Recently I wrote about some of the quirky architecture in Fairfax County, Va. Today I want to discuss another quirky aspect of the county where I now live. I call the area where I live: the land of dead-end sidewalks.
That’s because many public sidewalks – particularly around Reston, Vienna and Great Falls – come to a stop at traffic barricades. It’s as if the government ran out of money to continue building the sidewalk. Either that or they didn’t get the public access rights to the property or were poor at planning.
Anyway, it’s annoying for people like me who like to go on long walks or bicycle rides. The lack of completed sidewalks forces us to travel on roads or shoulders to continue our journey, which isn’t very safe.
And don’t get me started about all the one-lane bridges around here. Those throwbacks to old-time country living are maddening.

Photos: Dead-end sidewalks in Vienna and Reston, Va.

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