Monday, July 18, 2016

Hey, Yahoo, fix your glitchy websites

In recent years, Yahoo has chased shiny new opportunities like online content creation and mobile apps and taken its eye off its main services.
Once great services like Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Finance were left to stagnate.
Yahoo Mail has become slow and error prone. Yahoo’s recent tweaks to its email service haven’t improved it much. It trails Google’s Gmail in functionality and responsiveness.
Last week, Yahoo overhauled its Yahoo Finance website and the results were loudly criticized online by longtime users. It’s been called “the New Coke of the Internet.”
I’ve lost confidence in Yahoo to remain a web service I can count on for the long haul. I’m getting flashbacks to GeoCities.
I’ve documented the many error messages I get when using Yahoo services. They happen pretty frequently. I’ll include a few more with this post.

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Photos: Standard Yahoo error note (top), Yahoo Mail website not secure, Yahoo Mail fails to load, Yahoo banner ad fails, and error note about inability to add content to My Yahoo.

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