Thursday, November 17, 2016

Lying clickbait: Brigitte Bardot photos were never ‘classified’

French actress Brigitte Bardot was one of the most beautiful women in the world during her film career, which ran from 1952 through 1973. But among today’s millennials she is largely unknown.
Now her photos are regularly used to promote lying clickbait. Usually her photos are linked to “recently declassified” pictures. What a joke. It’s not like they’re Cuban missile surveillance photos.
Here are two examples from Taboola sponsored links. They both use stills from Bardot’s 1956 movie “And God Created Woman.”
One article is titled “19 declassified history photos are pretty unnerving.” Another is titled, “29 declassified history photos.”
The sexy Bardot makes the perfect clickbait. But she’s not top secret stuff and never was.

In another instance, Taboola used a photo of Bardot wearing short shorts and reaching for her purse from a convertible. It was for an article titled “Long lost mobster photos that are absolutely terrifying.” How is a photo of super hot Bardot terrifying or even related to organized crime? It's not.

Another Taboola article titled “33 historical photos that are pretty unnerving” used a photo of Bardot leaning over next to a bird cage. Sexy photo? Yes. But “unnerving”? No.

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