Saturday, November 19, 2016

Lying clickbait: Wildly inaccurate Wild West photos

Here we go again. The other day I wrote about lying clickbait that touted historical photos, but used pictures that were not historical to promote them.
Now I’ll focus on a subset of historical photos clickbait that uses dishonest pictures to promote Old West photo galleries.
One promoted article titled, “21 completely unsettling Wild West photos,” used a sepia-toned picture of a pretty woman in a cowboy hat. The description of the article said: “There’s no denying, after seeing this (sic) Wild West photos, that the real America of the 1800s was nothing like the best Western movies.”
Unfortunately the picture is of a model from 2008. She was featured on One Model Place.

Another clickbait sponsored link was titled “Pics from the Wild West that no one has ever seen.” It used a sepia-toned photo of a pretty lady with two handguns. The article was subtitled “Never before seen historical photos of the Wild West recovered from an old camera.”
Well, the photo isn’t historical. It was “recovered” from a new camera by the photographer who took the picture: Joe Bowers.
Bowers describes his photo of model Jessica VanGaalen as “Wild West Lara Croft.”

A Taboola-sponsored clickbait article titled “Mesmerizing historical photos from the Wild Wild West” used a photo of busty actress Marie Gomez from the 1966 movie “The Professionals.” (Check out her IMDb page and a retrospective on The Horn Section blog.)

Another Taboola-sponsored link was titled “Unknown facts about the Native Americans that historians can’t explain.”
I can’t explain why the article used a photo of a sexy model wearing a Native American headdress and top.
The headdress is described as a Rasta Style Indian Headdress and is sold by Novum Crafts. The gorgeous lady is Russian model Verbena LaFleur. She was photographed by Alex Noori.

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