Friday, May 26, 2017

Overseas magazines trash President Trump

As President Trump tries to settle into the Oval Office, he continues to get blasted on magazine covers, especially overseas.
But even foreign magazine covers about Trump have settled down a bit. (No more Trump in the cross hairs or cutting off the head of Lady Liberty.) They’re still depicting him as a baby and a buffoon though.
What follows are the latest magazine covers featuring Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States.

Spain’s Tapas magazine made artwork of Trump using baloney and bananas for its May issue.

Le Nouvel Observateur (France) pictured a blue-faced Trump with the cover line “Trump Wants To Destroy Europe?”

The Nikkei Asian Review (Japan) showed Trump as Uncle Sam with the caption “I don’t want you.” The subhead was: “Trump’s anti-immigrant message hits home for Asians.”

The May 26 issue of British news magazine The Week was headlined “Trump in crisis.” Artwork depicted Trump looking at a portrait of President Nixon with the subhead “The ‘Watergate-size’ scandals engulfing the presidency.”

Back in the U.S., Willamette Week in Portland, Oregon, illustrated Trump as a crying baby for its cover story titled “Two Congressmen and a Baby.”

The May 28 issue of Bloomberg Businessweek carried a tiny head shot of Trump with the cover line “If America were a company … Would you keep this CEO?”

Crain’s InvestmentNews used a photo of Trump with a bunch of tweets from Twitter about his tax plan.

The May 21 issue of the Washington Post Magazine juxtaposed photos of JFK on black-and-white television with Trump on a smartphone. It compared the two presidents as communicators using new media.

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