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10 interesting virtual halls of fame, 2017 edition

For every physical hall of fame, there are multiple virtual halls of fame, which exist only online, if that.
I’ve written about some unusual ones in previous articles. (See related articles below.) Today I’d like to spotlight a few more.

Barbecue Hall of Fame

Each year the American Royal Association in Kansas City, Mo., inducts new members into the Barbecue Hall of Fame. The ceremony takes place at the American Royal World Series of Barbecue at the Kansas Speedway. Individuals are awarded the honor “for their significant contributions to the barbecue community and demonstration of achievement in barbecue excellence.”
(See Barbecue Hall of Fame website.)

Arkansas Food Hall of Fame

In March, the Department of Arkansas Heritage announced the inaugural class of inductees in the Arkansas Food Hall of Fame. The honorees are notable restaurants in the state of Arkansas. (See Arkansas Food Hall of Fame website.)

Meat Industry Hall of Fame

Created in 2008, the Meat Industry Hall of Fame honors the leaders and legends in the business whose skills and dedication shaped the industry into a leading sector of North American food production.
(See Meat Industry Hall of Fame website.)

Immigrant Entrepreneur Hall of Fame

The U.S. is world-renowned for its entrepreneurial business spirit, and that spirit is fueled in large part by immigrants. The Immigrant Entrepreneur Hall of Fame honors those foreign-born business leaders in the U.S. It was created by the Immigrant Learning Center in Malden, Mass.
(See website.)

Irish American Hall of Fame

The Irish American Hall of Fame recognizes the contributions to the U.S. of outstanding Irish Americans. This year’s class of inductees included actors Bill Murray and Martin Sheen.
(See Irish American Hall of Fame website.)

Advertising Hall of Fame

The Advertising Hall of Fame celebrates and honors the people and companies that have made extraordinary contributions to the advertising industry. The award is given by the American Advertising Federation.
(See Advertising Hall of Fame website.)

Texas Film Hall of Fame

Founded in 2001, the Texas Film Hall of Fame honors those who have made a significant contribution to the advancement of the Texas film industry. The honor is given by the Austin Film Society.
(See website.)

STAT Baseball Stadium Hall of Fame

Sports Travel and Tours established a program for baseball fans to attend games at all 30 Major League Baseball ballparks on STAT Baseball Road Trips. Those who complete the tour are inducted into the Sports Travel and Tours Baseball Stadium Hall of Fame.
(See website.)

Kiosk Hall of Fame

The Kiosk Industry Association has been selecting industry professionals for its Kiosk Hall of Fame since 2003.
(See website.)

Cooperstown Chamber of Commerce Hall of Fame

Cooperstown, N.Y., is best known of the National Baseball Hall of Fame. So it’s ironic that when the Cooperstown Chamber of Commerce announced the first inductees into its hall of fame in February, it didn’t include the Baseball Hall of Fame. That museum put Cooperstown on the map for Chrissake. Instead the eight inaugural inductees included Fly Creek Cider Mill, the Otesaga Resort Hotel and the Inn at Cooperstown.
(See article.)

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