Sunday, July 16, 2017

Sexy Cinderella artwork

Pop-culture artists like to sexualize public-domain fairytale characters, more specifically “Disney princesses.”
In July 2013, I posted an article about sexy Cinderella artwork. It was popular with Tech-media-tainment readers, so I’ve decided to revisit the topic.
What follows are more sexy depictions of Cinderella by pop-culture artists.

Comic book artist J. Scott Campbell is the godfather of sexy fairytale artwork. Here are two of his depictions of Cinderella.

Artist Elias Chatzoudis also is one of the top fairytale princess artists. I’ve included three of his Cinderella illustrations, including the one at the top of this post.

Digital artist Jeff Chapman has tried his hand at making a sexy Cinderella picture as well.

Alastair “Aly” Fell showed a sensual Cinderella wearing ragged clothing and sporting ash smudges on her face, chest and feet. Fell is a U.K.-based artist known for his fantasy illustrations.

Canadian artist Cris Delara depicted a scantily clad Cinderella giving a bluebird a bath with a bucket of water.

Malaysian artist Zhi Lin created an illustration called “Sexy Cinderella,” showing the fairytale princess in lingerie.

Canadian illustrator Emily Molenda also depicted Cinderella in sexy underwear.

German graphic artist PinkyPills drew Cinderella in the buff except for white evening gloves and glass stripper heels.

Artist Elena Mirulla illustrated a pervy prince putting a glass slipper on busty Cinderella.

Artist Ruth McGleish did a cheeky picture of Cinderella sweeping dirt under a rug.

Artist Tim Shumate made a series of Disney princess tattoos, including one of Cinderella.

Comic artist Amy Mebberson did a funny mashup of Cinderella and “Basic Instinct.”


Sexy Cinderella depictions (July 25, 2013)

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