Monday, July 13, 2009

Singer-songwriter Sandy Stewart should have been a star

In 1984, singer-songwriter Sandy Stewart released a terrific album of ballads and pop songs that never found a wide audience.
Fleetwood Mac vocalist and solo artist Stevie Nicks sang a duet with Stewart and did background vocals for other tracks on the album, “Cat Dancer.” Stewart previously worked on Nicks’ album “Wild Heart,” co-writing songs and providing background vocals. (For more information, see description at
Stewart would later go on to form Blue Yonder, which released one album in 1987, according to (See AOR-FM entry on Blue Yonder also.)
Yesterday I wrote about a forgotten Chicago pop rock band called Wild Blue, a.k.a. Jinx. What Wild Blue and Sandy Stewart have in common is that they each put out only one album in the 1980s and neither album is available on CD or for digital download. I had to digitize some vinyl records to enjoy their music again. (I discussed this in the first part of my series “The Failed Promise of Digital Content.”)
Stewart does merit an entry on Wikipedia however. It says she’s involved in a charitable organization called Purple Songs Can Fly, which provides a musical outlet for children being treated for cancer and blood disorders at Texas Children’s Cancer Center in Houston.

Photo: Back cover of Sandy Stewart’s “Cat Dancer.” (See earlier post for front cover.)
Below: A music video of Stewart’s “Saddest Victory” off the album, posted to YouTube.

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Good news: "Cat Dancer" has been re-released. Look it up on

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