Thursday, July 23, 2009

Was it something I said?

I logged into Twitter this evening and noticed that I had lost 21 of my 85 followers since yesterday. That's 25% of my followers in one day. Why have they abandoned me?
It can only mean one thing – Twitter is getting serious about weeding out the suspicious accounts.
Twitter is jam-packed with spammers, people posting Web links to get-rich-quick-schemes, sexual aids and other products and services. They're polluting the microblogging service to catch search traffic and generate Web hits.
I've never been interested in building up a large group of followers for my tweets. Lots of suspicious accounts follow me and quite a few disappear after a while, probably because I don't reciprocate and follow them too.
But it is interesting to see what random people or companies decide to “follow” me on Twitter at @PatrickSeitz.

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