Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Thumbs down for McDonald's new Angus Third Pounder

I’m an aficionado of fast food. Or in industry parlance, QSR, short for quick service restaurants. Hence recent Tech-Media-Tainment posts referencing Taco Bell, Dunkin’ Donuts and Nathan’s Famous. So on a visit to McDonald’s tonight I felt compelled to try out the Angus Third Pounder.
The Angus Third Pounder is new on the menu in the Chicago area, but has been tried out elsewhere in the country for some time.
It debuted in Southern California in March 2007, but took its sweet time getting here to McDonald’s home market. McDonald’s is headquartered in Oak Brook, Ill. The Angus Third Pounder has been available nationwide since July 2.
The photos on the overhead menus at the front counter looked enticing. Mickey D’s is offering the $3.99 Angus Third Pounder in three varieties: Deluxe, Mushroom & Swiss, and Bacon & Cheese. I chose the Deluxe, which includes a third-pound (before cooking) Angus beef patty, topped with mayonnaise, yellow mustard, thick tomato slices, pickles, red onion, American cheese and lettuce on a sesame seed bun.
It’s a big burger to be sure, but pretty unsatisfying. The beef is bland and overwhelmed by the flavor of the bun and cheese and mayonnaise. At 750 calories, it had better be damn good. But it isn’t.
Having lived in Southern California, I can tell you that the Angus Third Pounder doesn’t compare well to the offerings of Fatburger, In-N-Out Burger and Carl’s Jr.
Think I’ll stick with McDonald’s Big N Tasty ordered with no cheese, no mayonnaise – it’s healthier that way and you can taste that bland McDonald’s beef.

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