Friday, September 4, 2009

Digital downloads and streaming could end giant CD and DVD collections

If e-books have the potential to one day replace paper books, then digital downloads and streaming could someday eliminate CDs and DVDs for audio and video.
Many people have already dumped their compact disc collections after ripping their music to their PCs. DVDs could be next and eventually Blu-ray Discs.
If people store their music on PCs, portable music players and in the Internet cloud, they won’t need those massive media storage towers you see for sale in airline catalogs and from specialty stores.
Pictured above is the triple tall media storage tower from for $379.95. It is 76 inches tall and wide and can hold 2,088 CDs or 960 DVDs.
SkyMall boasts a media storage tower that can hold over 2,262 CDs or 936 DVDs for $349.99.
You could buy a lot more digital music and movie downloads with the money saved from not buying big storage racks.

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