Friday, September 18, 2009

My kind of woman: Attractive, handy with a crossbow

A 23-year-old Satellite Beach, Fla., woman has made the news for killing an 11-foot alligator with a crossbow on Tuesday.
The woman, Arianne Prevost, nabbed the beast on her first alligator hunt in Florida. The gator weighed an estimated 400 to 450 pounds.
Those details are compelling, but what made the story newsworthy, and circulated by the likes of, was the fact that the woman is smoking hot. The picture sells the story, which makes no mention of how attractive she is. That would be honest, but considered sexist and subjective. Journalists are supposed to be objective observers who present only the cold, hard facts.
People love animal stories, be they about cute pets or deadly creatures. And men like to look at pretty women. So this story is a winner. See Florida Today story.

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