Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lingerie Football League ignored by mainstream media

The Lingerie Football League isn’t getting much coverage in the nation’s newspapers. Media types aren’t sure what to make of it. Is it a serious sport? A burlesque show? A farce?
The inaugural season of the Lingerie Football League kicked off Sept. 4 in Chicago. The second game took place Sept. 11 in Seattle. This week’s Friday night game will be held in Denver.
Coverage has consisted of feature articles about how pretty the women players are and how they can really play football. Other stories have focused on the titillating aspect of “wardrobe malfunctions.” There were two in the first game, according to the Miami Herald. One player had her bikini bottom pulled down and another had her bra ripped off. No complaints from the fans, I’m sure.
The Lingerie Football League will stay a fringe sport until it can prove the athleticism of the players, rack up some big plays for the TV sports highlight reels, and develop some stars that people want to see in action.
Posted with this article are YouTube videos from the first two games.
The top video is from last week’s game, the San Diego Seduction vs. the Seattle Mist.
The bottom video is from season opener, the Miami Caliente vs. the Chicago Bliss.

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