Sunday, November 8, 2009

A 1969 view of the newspaper business

A 1969 book on the newspaper business is getting a lot of chuckles online.
Jeff Jarvis, The Media Is Dying and other bloggers are chatting about the quaint British children’s book “The Story of Newspapers,” after Russell Davies posted some photos of the book on his blog.
One passage talks about how different newspapers appeal to different types of readers.
“A popular paper appeals to the majority of people, while a quality paper appeals to a more specialised type of reader,” the book states.
The masses couldn't possibly be interested in a "quality" newspaper, by that logic.
“The Story of Newspapers” is a Ladybird ‘Achievements’ Book and was written by William David Siddle and illustrated by Ron Embleton, according to a listing on The book is considered a collectable today, according to The Wee Web.

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