Monday, November 16, 2009

Disaster movie '2012' a box office hit despite complaints about it being too long

A lot of movie-goers saw disaster movie "2012" over the weekend and many are complaining about their sore rear ends from sitting so long.
The Sony film raked in $65 million in its opening weekend. It probably would have done even better if it were shorter. Theaters could have squeezed in more showtimes.
But "2012" is 153 minutes long.
Since the movie opened I've counted at least 100 tweets on Twitter that make reference to "2012" being too long. Here are some sample tweets:

joshboulton ... the CGI was pretty neat but was way too long - I think they tried to put every disaster movie into one film!

Cdrive_R ... we saw 2012 last night n that movie is freakishly LONG!!!!! It was ok. I hate long movies I'm too A.D.D for all dat!

MayraD420 ... 2012 ... Too long of a movie! The worlds end was gonna come sooner than the movies end!

The consensus seems to be that 30 minutes could have been trimmed from the running time and it would have improved the movie.
How about a director's cut DVD that's shorter for once?

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