Monday, December 21, 2009

Dentyne billboard ad campaign brilliant

At O’Hare International Airport in Chicago recently I saw a billboard advertising campaign for Dentyne gum that I fell in love with.
The campaign makes a statement about the popularity of online social media (Facebook, MySpace, etc.) and suggests that in-person connections are so much more satisfying.
The Dentyne billboards show photos of people hugging and kissing with captions like “Friend request accepted” and “The original instant message.”
Another Dentyne ad explains the campaign with the following text: “Power down. Log off. Unplug. Have mercy on your thumbs. Browse the world wide something else. Send some not-so-instant messages. Undo. Hit cancel. Make face time.”
Check out the print ad campaign at the Dentyne website. The video ads unfortunately don’t have the same charm.
The ad campaign has been running since at least August 2008. But hey, it’s new to me.

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