Saturday, December 5, 2009

‘New Moon’ and ‘Funny People’ too long for some, but nothing like ‘2012’

“The Twilight Saga: New Moon” and “Funny People” are two movies that people are complaining about lately on Twitter as being “too long.”
“New Moon,” which clocks in at 130 minutes, opened on Nov. 20. “Funny People (146 minutes and 153 minutes unrated) was released on home video on Nov. 24.
I track “movie too long” as a search phrase on Twitter. That search phrase provides a good sampling of chatter on the subject.
I think a lot of Hollywood movies could use some serious editing. Movies need a good reason to be over 2 hours long. Some shouldn't be over 90 minutes.
Since “New Moon” was released, 22 people have posted comments on Twitter that the movie was too long. (Four tweeted that it was “too short.”)
Twenty people have tweeted that “Funny People” is too long. Many more complained about its length when it was released theatrically on July 31.
But neither of those two movies can top the reigning overlong movie: disaster flick “2012.” Since it was released theatrically on Nov. 13, at least 237 people have tweeted about it being too long. That movie is 153 minutes long.
Sample comments:

2012 is too damn long! The earth is damn near gone & still 40 minutes left in the movie!! : (

2012 .. Umm, was the year supposed to be 2012 when I left the theater too? That movie was long!!!

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