Friday, January 1, 2010

14 predictions for 2010

With 2009 over and 2010 beginning, lots of folks have come out with predictions for the New Year.
Here are some of the more interesting predictions:

  1. Microsoft buys AOL. (James Altucher, a managing partner of Formula Capital, on the Wall Street Journal blogs)

  2. Microsoft pushes out Steve Ballmer. (Newsweek)

  3. Facebook goes public. (Newsweek and ReadWriteWeb)

  4. Other possible IPOs in 2010: LinkedIn, Tesla Motors and ZipCar. (Minyanville)

  5. Palm is acquired, mostly likely by Microsoft or Research In Motion. (Computerworld)

  6. Carol Bartz is ousted as Yahoo’s CEO by the end of 2010. (Computerworld)

  7. Google faces an antitrust suit. (Newsweek)

  8. Apple unveils a tablet computer. (Newsweek)

  9. Magazine and newspaper publishing bounce back as consumers rediscover paid subscriptions for e-books and tablet computers. (BusinessWeek)

  10. Google partners with a large PC manufacturer in Asia to launch an inexpensive netbook powered by Chrome OS in the U.S. (ReadWriteWeb)

  11. Apple announces an iTunes web service, thanks to its Lala acquisition. (ReadWriteWeb)

  12. Brands that will disappear in 2010: Newsweek, Motorola, Palm, Borders and Blockbuster. (24/7 Wall St.)

  13. Magazines that will die in 2010: Entertainment Weekly, Ebony and Jet. (Paul Armstrong of TheMediaIsDying, writing in Folio)

  14. Celebrities who will die in 2010: Dick Clark, Larry King and Courtney Love. (Holy Taco

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