Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Why can’t Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8 save bookmarks with certain punctuation?

Hey, Microsoft, I’m a PC and Windows Internet Explorer 8 was not my idea.
If it had been, I’d be able to save bookmarks that have colons or question marks in their names. (See screen grab above.) It makes no sense that I can’t. And it doesn’t sound like a hard problem to fix either. Unless you’re working with needlessly complicated software.
Speaking of complaints about IE8, I’m with the other whiners who can’t understand why IE8 always defaults to the main “favorites” folder when saving bookmarks.
I use a lot of subfolders and work on many projects at once. So if I’m saving a bunch of web links on a subject, I have to manually pick the subfolder I want every time I save a bookmark. Why can’t I instruct IE8 to remember the last folder I was using and make that the default until I change it?
Previous versions of Internet Explorer would remember where I was storing bookmarks last and would stay there until I changed it.
Both of these things are annoying inconveniences that might make people switch to competing web browsers like Firefox, Google’s Chrome or Apple’s Safari.
Have you guys seen your market share in web browsers lately? It looks like you’re already losing a lot of Internet Explorer users.

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