Monday, February 1, 2010

After over 120 careers, Barbie is looking for a new profession. How about computer engineer?

Barbie has trouble sticking to a job for very long. In nearly 51 years, Mattel’s popular fashion doll has held over 120 careers.
She’s been an astronaut, race car driver, Olympic athlete and rock star. She averages about five months in a career before leaving for another challenge. True, she’s amazingly versatile, but the lady needs help holding down a job.
Mattel is sponsoring a contest to decide Barbie’s next job. You can vote for her to be an environmentalist, surgeon, architect, news anchor or computer engineer.
I’d love to see a tech geek Barbie, so I voted for computer engineer.
It’s the clear choice.
Environmentalist? She could do that as a hobby. Surgeon? Yeah, plastic surgeon. Architect? Maybe, but no one’s building much in this economy. News anchor? Please, I figured she already did that gig. Not a stretch for her.
But computer engineer? There’s an occupation for our time.

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