Friday, February 26, 2010

Humans: Top of the food chain and proud of it

As a species, humans are the top of the food chain. Collectively we’ve defeated all comers in the wild.
But individually most of us wouldn’t stand a chance against the world’s top predators.
It’s easy to act all tough and cocky when don’t have to face a polar bear or lion one on one.
Here’s a sample of what some artists think of our standing in the food chain:
Lots of variations for this T-shirt staple: “I didn’t claw my way to the top of the food chain … to eat vegetables.”
Most of the time the saying is a knock on vegetarians. The above shirt is available online from Blue Canoe Crew.

If the previous design was too subtle, how about this apron from Hard Salami via CafĂ© Press? It features a man wearing a bib and holding a fork and knife while standing on a pile of dead animals, including an elephant, lion and giraffe. The text says, “Top of the food chain, baby … And looking to stay there.”
Toyota ran a print advertising campaign in 2007 that offered its Landcruiser to help you reach the top of the food chain, according to The Inspiration Room.

And finally, humans meet their match on the food chain from … zombies. Of course. Art by Olly Moss. Available as a T-shirt from

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