Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pretty woman in ‘De Blob 2’ commercial: Natasha Hugger

It was a simple question: Who is that gorgeous woman in the TV ad for “De Blob 2”?
From the moment I first saw the ad while watching “Adventure Time” on the Cartoon Network, I had to know who she was. It’s a star-making 30-second performance. The camera loves her. Her bright eyes and her smile are captivating.
But finding out who she is wasn’t easy.
I checked the websites affiliated with THQ’s video game “De Blob 2” and couldn’t locate the commercial I saw, much less information about it. I did Web searches for woman and actress in “De Blob 2” and came up empty.
I saw the ad again today and tried a few different searches.
Eventually I stumbled upon a question posted to’s WikiAnswers. Somebody wrote, “Who is the hot girl in de blob 2 commercial?”
The first answer posted was wrong. (I later deleted it.)
Thankfully someone else responded with the correct answer: L.A.-based dancer Natasha Hugger. That someone was Ms. Hugger’s proud boyfriend, who notes that she will be featured in the musical “The Producers” at the Cabrillo Theaters in Thousand Oaks, Calif., in April.
Congratulations to Ms. Hugger for making such an impact in the commercial. I’m sure I wasn’t the only person wowed.

Update (Feb. 27, 2011): I found the commercial on Vimeo.

THQ – de Blob 2 – Color is Awesome TV 30 from NoodleHaus on Vimeo.

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Adam said...

Yes, that was me who fixed the answer. Thanks on behalf of Natasha and from myself for writing this article. I really appreciate this!

Patrick Seitz said...

My pleasure.

Lexis93 said...

I have looked all over for this commercial. Do you know what type of dress Ms. Hugger is wearing? Any answer to this question will be greatly appreciated.

James said...

What is the song that plays in the commercial?

Patrick Seitz said...

The song in the commercial is "Colours" by Calvin Harris on the album "Digitalism: Kitsune Tabloid."

As for her dress, I don't know, but you can send her a message through Twitter. Her handle is @Dancin_Tia. Good luck.

Noodle said...

Erica Frank was the stylist on that shoot, she worked with a dress from H&M, but not sure it's available exactly like Erica made it.

Mr.Mom Told You So said...

Looks like a flamenco style dress. Pretty cool.

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