Monday, February 28, 2011

Cover It Live: My first live-blogging experience

This year’s Oscars gave me an excuse to try out the live-blogging platform Cover It Live.
Instead of tweeting my self-important thoughts about the show or blogging them afterward, I decided to do what so many journalists are doing now at press conferences and other events: live blogging.
I didn’t give anyone a heads-up about my experiment, so I probably had an audience of one – me. But you can still click on the app below and get a recap of all my pithy posts from the evening.
As advertised, the Cover It Live system was easy to set up and get started. I had to configure the size of the app box for Tech-media-tainment, but that was pretty simple. I didn’t like having to create a graphic for the start of my live cast. But the start-up wizard listed it as a requirement. I’d rather have a text box for a plain heading.
Anyway, the experience was a positive one. Live blogging combines the immediacy of Twitter with the richness of blogging on Blogger.
I signed up for a free account, which limits me to a readership of 5,000 a month for live events. It also allows for an unlimited number of replays of the recorded blogcast.
That’s fine with me, given this blog’s limited readership, currently at more than 15,000 visits a month.

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