Saturday, February 19, 2011

YourVersion great for tracking specific news

When MeeHive closed last October, I went looking for another service that could track niche topics on news sites and blogs. Someone suggested I give YourVersion a try. I did and think it’s great.
With YourVersion, users can create a personalized webpage that tracks news and commentary on topics of interest to them. They can track articles on a sports team or celebrity, for instance, by selecting keywords.
I’ve used YourVersion to track reports of wild animal attacks worldwide, mancation suggestions, and fringe sports like the Lingerie Football League. Instead of Googling those topics occasionally for Tech-media-tainment, YourVersion will troll the Web and compile the articles for me.
It’s an excellent service and does a super job scouring the Internet for pertinent articles.
YourVersion is now one of my favorite websites.

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