Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lingerie Football League coming out with player trading cards

Among the factors that can push a fringe sport into mainstream popularity are: uniqueness, television coverage and star players. Add to that list another factor: player trading cards.
The Lingerie Football League floated the idea of LFL player trading cards today in a post on its Facebook page. It included the front of a sample card featuring Jennifer Bock, wide receiver for the San Diego Seduction. (See above.)
The LFL didn’t provide any details, except to say the cards were “coming soon,” according to the league’s MySpace page.
The Facebook post asked fans which LFL trading cards it would want the most, including rookie cards, All-Star Fantasy player cards and team sets. Also among the possibilities listed are "kiss" cards and uniform fabric swatch cards. This sounds similar to the trading cards sold by Bench Warmer, which feature models in bikinis or sports garb and gear.
I’m curious as to what kind of “stats” the back of the cards will have. Will it be game statistics or physical measurements?

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