Sunday, March 6, 2011

Results from Tech-media-tainment’s first and last ad campaign

Last week, Tech-media-tainment ran its first, and presumably last, online advertising campaign.
It was made possible by $100 in free advertising from Google AdWords. With this play money, I got 49 clicks on my ad, which directed people to Tech-media-tainment.
My ad popped up in 47,869 search results, which Google calls “impressions.” But I doubt my text ad made much of an impression. Even when I asked a couple of people to search for my name in Google and tell me what they saw, they didn’t notice the ad on the right side of the page until I directed their attention to it.
On its own, Tech-media-tainment gets more than 14,000 visits a month. So another 49 doesn’t make much of a difference.
It might make sense for an online retailer or local businessman to run an ad campaign with Google AdWords, but not TMT.
Of course, I knew that going in.

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