Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bloggers managing more blogs

Technorati’s annual survey of bloggers found that bloggers today are juggling an average of three different blogs, up from two last year.
I blame Tumblr. The upstart blogging platform is a breeze to use. Setting up a Tumblr blog is quick, easy and fun. I recently started a Tumblr blog and will be publicizing it shortly. With that blog, I’ve moved from managing two blogs to three blogs.
Once again, based on the Technorati survey, I’m your typical blogger.
Bloggers are mostly hobbyists (61%), just like me.
Only 11% of bloggers post on a daily basis. Guilty again. I seem to post every other day.
Bloggers are mostly male (59%), educated and married parents. Ditto, ditto, ditto.
Technorati surveyed 4,114 bloggers in 45 countries for the latest survey, released Nov. 4.

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