Sunday, November 6, 2011

Tech-media-tainment turns 3 with another LFL wardrobe malfunction

You don’t get to 622,000 page views in three years without appealing to the prurient interests of Web surfers.
I started Tech-media-tainment on Nov. 6, 2008, to give my thoughts and opinions on a range of topics from entertainment and technology to politics and liberty. But it’s my occasional articles on wardrobe malfunctions in the Lingerie Football League that drive traffic to this silly blog.
On that subject, here’s another LFL wardrobe malfunction.
On Oct. 14, Los Angeles Temptation wide receiver Chloe Butler exposed her backside in a touchdown catch when a tackler missed her. Butler’s score capped off the Temptation’s 28-7 victory over the Minnesota Valkyrie. (See above screen grab and game summary.)
A video of the incident (embedded below) is available on YouTube (starting at the 3:33 minute mark).
Read about Butler at Fox Sports Australia and the Courier-Mail of Queensland, Australia.

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Col.Kurtz said...

There was another wardrobe malfunction this past week in the Sin VS Mist game. During the actual play you saw it happen, as they couldn't jump to the tape delay quick enough I guess.

However it was difficult to see clearly as the camera was in a long shot.

However when they showed the slo-mo replay from a different angle, where the mishap would have been seen clearly, they censored it.

During the slo-mo replay just as the bottoms started coming down they cut to a shot of an empty playing field for about a half second, not allowing a graphic shot of the malfunction.

This is about the 4th time they have just cut away from a play or an instant replay to avoid showing the wardrobe malfunction. Even in the youtube clip posted here they fuzzed out the mishap to a degree. Sucks that they do that now.