Saturday, November 26, 2011

Women’s sports reaches nadir with Rick’s Basketball Association

First came the Lingerie Football League, where attractive athletic women were given a chance to show off their gridiron skills.
That led to the Lingerie Basketball League, where athletic skills were much less important than beauty, sex appeal and skimpy outfits.
Now the trend reaches a low point with Rick’s Basketball Association, where strippers play basketball in high heels.
The new sports league is the brainchild of Rick’s Cabaret International, a publicly traded group of 23 upscale gentlemen’s clubs. The teams will be made up of topless dancers from Rick’s clubs in New York, Miami, Charlotte, Houston, Dallas, Philadelphia, Minneapolis and Indianapolis.
The league debuted on Nov. 1 with strippers from Rick’s New York City club showing off their sexy uniforms for the press.
On Tuesday Nov. 29, Rick’s has scheduled a press conference to announce the coach of the New York City team. A press release describes him as a “former National Basketball Association superstar.”
Not surprisingly the mainstream media has ignored the upstart league. But plenty of blogs have taken up the slack, including Total Pro Sports, Coed Magazine, Crossover Chronicles, Xbiz, and Leopardman Studios.
Details about the new sport are as skimpy as their uniforms. A league schedule is expected to be announced in January.

Photo (top): The women of Rick’s Cabaret in New York City announce the formation of Rick’s Basketball Association. Photo by Total Pro Sports.

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