Saturday, December 17, 2011

Holiday Coca-Cola cans continue to confuse

Earlier this winter holiday season, Coca-Cola came out with cans that confused a lot of customers. The seasonal cans, which featured polar bears, were white with red lettering and looked a lot like Diet Coke cans.
Since we have both Coke and Diet Coke drinkers in my household, the new cans confused us, along with many other people.
Coca-Cola admitted that it blundered and announced that it would put out new cans with the traditional red background, but keep the polar bears.
Last weekend, on a United flight to Chicago from Washington, D.C., I received one of the new red holiday Coke cans. All fine. But when I looked at the label, the text was all in Russian.
No great mystery. I’m sure that Boeing 777 had been to Russia and brought back some locally produced beverages. But it threw me off for a bit.

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