Thursday, December 15, 2011

TSA perverts touching our children

Child molesters are attracted to jobs where they can get access to children. Just ask the Catholic Church. So it’s no surprise that the U.S. Transportation Security Administration has attracted a good number of pedophiles.
TSA screeners have the authority to pat-down and grope children in public. It’s a dream job for child molesters.
Last month, I documented 10 cases were TSA airport employees were accused of sex crimes.
Today the Florida Department of Law Enforcement arrested 48 child predators, including a TSA agent, as well as a teacher and church treasurer, according to Fox News in Orlando.
Also, on Wednesday, a former TSA screener, 34-year-old Andrew Cheever of Lowell, Mass., pleaded guilty to child pornography charges, according to the Boston Globe.

Graphic: I altered the TSA’s Pre-check logo to a more fitting description for the agency: “TSA Perv.” Sounds about right.

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