Friday, December 2, 2011

Nip slips on the rise with celebrities, but not Lingerie Football League players

Nip slips have become common with female celebrities as a way to get media attention.
Need to publicize a new movie, TV show or album? Wear a low-cut dress and “accidentally” flash a nipple to photographers. The photos get the Interwebs all excited and the actress and her project get some publicity. concurs in an article this week titled “Is Nip-Slipping Really a Slip-Up?” To see examples of celebrity nip slips, check out the collection at Egotastic. It includes everyone from singers Kelly Rowland and Jennifer Lopez to (oh, horror) talk show host Nancy Grace.
One place you’re not seeing nipple slips these days is in the Lingerie Football League. As Tech-media-tainment reported Sept. 11 (in lieu of 9/11 remembrances) “LFL nip slips (are) a thing of the past.”
LFL players have gotten wise to the perverts – er, fans – who watch the sport and are now wearing pasties and tape to cover their nipples. This probably has as much to do with chafing as it does with modesty though.
Seattle Mist quarterback Angela Rypien on Sept. 27 even tweeted a photo of her favorite brand of pasties, Nippies. She wrote, “Just got my pasties for game day! Don't know which ones to wear yet? Pink or Stripes?”

In every LFL game and many game photos, you can see breast covers behind players’ tops and sometimes tape on exposed breasts.
For example, see the photo below. In it, Tampa Bay offensive lineman Adrian Purnell makes a touchdown grab as Cleveland Crush linebacker Jamara Lee flashes her nipple tape on Oct. 21.

The Italian blog Very Special Girls, a friend of Tech-media-tainment, recently bemoaned the lack of nipple exposure in the LFL. Blogger Lisa Tacchi writes, “Unfortunately, the use of pasties is widespread in the LFL,” adding that she hopes “that there are still players who do not use the pasties.”
She seems to be saying to LFL players: You’re beautiful. Be proud of what the good Lord gave you and show it off!
To find a good example of an LFL nip slip, Very Special Girls found photos from a Nov. 13, 2009, game between the Miami Caliente and New York Majesty. Both teams were in the LFL’s first season but folded afterward.
In the photos (top and immediately below), Miami’s Danella Williams has a wardrobe malfunction. The photos are part of a set posted on the Team Nikon Miami blog, which features the work of Jim Winters and his friends. (For the uncensored photos, follow the weblinks above.)

Nip slips might be a thing of the past in the LFL. But there’s still no shortage of LFL players inadvertently mooning the crowd when defensive players try to tackle them by their panties. (See Nov. 4 photo of Seattle Mist wide receiver Jessica Hopkins below.)

Update: There was a nip slip in the Oct. 7, 2011, game between the Chicago Bliss and Green Bay Chill. See photo here.

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Col.Kurtz said...

The 12/2/11 game between the Passion and the Charm went way beyond pasties. It seemed as if three quarters of the girls were wearing a new kind of uniform.

Previously the Jerseys the girls would wear only came down a bit in the front leaving exposed cleavage.

This new Jersey TOTALLY covers the entire chest, as in nothing of the breast is exposed at all. It seemed to have some kind of pad in back of it although I'm not sure.

There was literally, almost no visible breast or cleavage in the entire game. It was almost like some kind of bullet proof vest that covered everything.

I don't know what the LFL is thinking. Preventing nip slips is OK, but calling yourself the Lingerie Football league and eliminating all Cleavage is just nuts.

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