Saturday, October 20, 2012

News media capture my son’s encounter with President Barack Obama

After President Barack Obama gave a speech Friday in Fairfax, Va., he bounded off the stage and greeted people at the fence line.
As he was shaking hands with supporters, he noticed my 9-year-old son Christopher. He bent down, smiled and said, “How are you doing?” To which Chris replied, “Great,” and shook his hand. I was a few people behind Chris and couldn’t get a good photo of the encounter. Thankfully, photographers for the Associated Press and UPI took some good photos. (Click on the photos for a larger view.)
The first photo is by Kristoffer Tripplaar, who was on assignment for UPI. Kris was kind enough to email me a higher resolution version of the photo that I found online. My son is wearing a blue polo with colored stripes. I’m in back to the right, wearing a purple shirt.
The AP shot below shows the moment after the woman hugged Obama. It captures my son looking up at the president. It was published on the Richmond Times-Dispatch website.

The next couple of photos are mine, showing the president talking to Chris and moving on down the line. And lastly, here’s a shot of Christopher with the president speaking behind him.

 And a picture of me and the president speaking.

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