Monday, October 8, 2012

TSA funnies: Protesting through art

Opponents of the U.S. Transportation Security Administration have created a lot of artwork to protest the actions of the controversial agency.
What follows is another compilation of TSA protest art being circulated on the Internet through social networking sites like Twitter.
The first few focus on the agency’s reputation for molesting passengers.
The graphic above jokes that TSA agents like to touch male genitalia.

This graphic mocks the TSA for touching womens breasts.

This poster is in response to quite a few cases of the TSA hiring sex offenders.

This graphic includes photos of TSA agents patting down children. The text says, “Let’s thank the TSA for keeping us safe from these potential terrorists.”

Here’s a TSA funny from

The Most Interesting Man in the World chimes in about the TSA.

And so does Fry from  “Futurama.”

Artwork by Banksy has been used to compare the tactics of the TSA to riot police.

Here are three funnies from that make light of the TSA.

This graphic makes fun of the overall incompetence of the TSA in the war on terror.

And finally, these last four graphics belittle the TSA for its policies on liquids like drinking water and shampoo.

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