Friday, November 9, 2012

Blogging is hard work; No wonder people are switching to Twitter, Tumblr

Writing a blog is hard work.
From the very beginning of Tech-media-tainment, I’ve taken a journalistic approach to the subjects I cover. I write about things that interest me and give opinions that I don’t see elsewhere online.
I’m not going to bore people with mundane reports about my life and family.
That means coming up with topics that are of interest to a broader audience of Web surfers. I focus on entertainment, technology, media and pop culture, which gives me a lot of subjects to play with.
Some articles take a lot time to develop, research and write. Others I can pound out pretty quickly.
I like to provide useful weblinks in my articles where applicable. And I like to jazz up my articles with nice photos or artwork, which I source when I can. All of this takes time and effort.
Many people have gravitated to microblogging services like Twitter and Tumblr or media sharing on Facebook or Pinterest. Those services are much easier to use than blogging services like WordPress or Google’s Blogger. It’s faster and simpler to post a quick thought or repost an interesting or funny photo than it is to write a full article.
A colleague of mine, Ed Carson, posted an interaction he had with his daughter recently about blogging.
“My 10 yr.-old girl is always joking I need to spend time on my BLOG. Got to BLOG. Sigh. I’m on Twitter. So sad to see her stuck in 2008,” he wrote Tues. Nov. 6.
That same day, my blog, Tech-media-tainment had its 4-year anniversary. Since then, it’s logged more than 1.18 million page views.
I can’t see stopping my blogging, but I am spending more time on Twitter and Tumblr.

P.S. In honor of the 4-year anniversary of Tech-media-tainment, I’ve changed the look of the website again.
I dropped the Lego-style cityscape logo with the Comic Sans typeface. It looked pretty cheesy. I changed the text fonts to Times New Roman and headlines to Georgia. I’ve also brightened the color scheme with a lighter pallete from the previous dark blues. And finally, I changed the LinkWithin module to show four stories instead of three. Nothing major. Just a refresh.

Photo: Funny cat graphic circulated through social media known as Science Cat. Total non sequitur.

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