Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 food trend: Toasted bread

In its annual trend-spotting food forecast, Andrew Freeman & Co. called 2013 “the year of toasted bread.”
“Everyone’s ‘toast’ing,” the report says. “Not just for breakfast, you could call it crostini but why; toast it, slather it with sweet or savory items and watch guests enjoy any time of day.”
Latin American cuisine also will be hot this year.
Inspired by travel trends, restaurants will look south for menu inspiration. Think ABC: Argentina, Brazil and Chile. Foods include asados, borgona, and chimichurri or alfajores, brigadeiros and cachaca.
Technomic, the nation’s leading food-service research and consulting firm, agrees about the South American food trend. It calls South American food “the next frontier.” But it lists Argentina, Brazil and Peru as influences.
“We’ll see mainstreaming of South American-style grilled meats, chimichurri sauce, ceviche, South American-Asian fusion seafood dishes and iconic drinks, from Brazil’s caipirinha to Peru’s pisco sour,” Technomic says.

Photo: Josey Baker’s toast at The Mill in San Francisco. (Photo from SF Weekly.)

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