Friday, January 18, 2013

Absurd morality against sexy women who model extends to Europe

Lisa from Italian blog Very Special Girls reports that the treatment of women who’ve worked in porn or as sexy models can be just as harsh in Europe as in the U.S.
In a response to my article on Thursday, she points to two similar cases of “unjust and wicked discrimination” of women in Italy.

In October 2010, a teacher at the prestigious San Carlo Catholic High School in Milan, Ileana Tacconelli, sparked controversy when racy photographs of her were posted on the Internet.
One mother complained to the head teacher that Tacconelli was “too attractive and a distraction.” Tacconelli, who has three degrees, is a former beauty queen and model.
(See articles in the Daily Mail, AcidCow and Very Special Girls.)

Last March, furious parents pulled their children out of an Italian nursery school after it emerged that one of the teachers there posed for sexy photos in see-through underwear.
Michela Roth, a teacher at Castello di Serravalle near Bologna, is a model who has won several beauty pageants.
(See articles in the Daily Mail, AcidCow, Piximus and Very Special Girls.)

Photos: Ileana Tacconelli (top two photos) and Michela Roth (bottom two photos).

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