Monday, December 1, 2014

Fairytale princesses as high school students, hipsters and criminals

Some artists like to depict Disney princesses in modern times and make them high school or college students. Others like to portray these ladies from well-known fairytales as being naughty.
What follows is another batch of illustrations from pop culture artists dealing with fairytale princesses.

The folks at CollegeHumor imagined what Disney princesses would be like as modern high school students. Check out Ariel who just got her first boyfriend. (See article by Geektyrant.)

CollegeHumor also imagined the princesses as college students. Of course, Cinderella is forced to clean up after the people she lives with. (See article by Laughing Squid.)

DeviantArt user Eumenidi shows that Disney princesses aren’t morning people in her illustration “7:15 a.m.”

Cosmopolitan magazine commissioned Italian artist Michele Moricci to recast the Disney princesses as pop star Miley Cyrus. Here’s naked Belle on a wrecking ball. (See articles in Cosmopolitan and the Huffington Post.)

Artist Emmanuel Viola created a set of Disney princess art that reimagines them as hipsters with tattoos. Check out “Pin Up Snow” (at top) and “Glam Cinderella.” (See articles by Geektyrant and Huffington Post.)

New York-based animation storyboard artist Jeff Hong did a series of illustrations called “Disney Unhappily Ever After.” It pictures Disney characters facing a host of modern problems. Here’s Mulan with a breathing mask dealing with the smog in Beijing. (See articles on Geektyrant and the Huffington Post.)

Artist Marilen Adrover imagined public domain folktales as crime stories and pictured the protagonists in police mug shots. Here’s Alice, not in Wonderland. (See article in the Huffington Post.)

And finally, Seventy-Two Studio did posters for famous fairytales, promising new endings. Here’s one for Sleeping Beauty. (See article by Geektyrant.)

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