Monday, December 8, 2014

Sexy Rapunzel artwork

For several years, I’ve documented how artists like to sex up fairytale characters, particularly the so-called Disney princesses.
I’ve previously written about sexy portrayals of Snow White, Cinderella and Tinker Bell.
Today I’ll focus on sexualized depictions of that long-haired maiden Rapunzel.

Any report on sexy versions of fairytale women has to start with the work of comic book artist J. Scott Campbell. He is the master of the genre. Up top is one of his illustrations of Rapunzel.

Pinup artist Cris Delara showed a naked and naughty Rapunzel trimming her locks.

Artist Elias Chatzoudis turned the Rapunzel of Disney’s “Tangled” into a big-breasted sexpot.

He also depicted her as an aerial drape dancer using her hair instead of curtains.

And Chatzoudis illustrated Rapunzel brushing her hair while wearing sexy lingerie.

DeviantArt member Nimz imagined Rapunzel as a raven-haired goth chick.

DeviantArt user Remembrance7 depicted Rapunzel as a blonde seductress.

Artist Marcos Pereira chose to depict a more innocent-looking Rapunzel with red hair.

Artist Lana Bijuk took a comical approach to her sexy Rapunzel. She showed her wringing out her wet hair.

Artist Dillon Boy depicted Disney princesses, including Rapunzel, in a gritty street art style. The series “Dirtyland” shows naked Disney princesses on the covers of trashy men’s magazines. (See article with NSFW art by Incredible Things.)

DeviantArt member Biaani illustrated Rapunzel as a lingerie-wearing honey.

The Grimm Fairy Tales comic depicts Rapunzel as a warrior with her supernatural hair acting like tentacles. (See articles by Comic Vine and Comic Book Resources.)

Artist Michelle Barros made an illustration of Rapunzel wearing sexy underclothes.

Pinterest user Duane posted an illustration of a sexy Rapunzel brushing her blonde hair for his StoryBook Vixens page. But the artist is unknown.

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