Wednesday, December 3, 2014

NBC searches Twitter for positive comments on ‘State of Affairs’

I’m still mad at NBC for canceling a quality show in “Revolution” earlier this year to make room on its fall schedule for junk like “The Mysteries of Laura,” “Bad Judge” and “State of Affairs.”
“Revolution” was a daring, original show about living in a world without electricity and technology. It mixed sword fights, gun battles and power struggles with a sci-fi element of energy-absorbing nanotechnology that starts thinking it’s God.
In its place we get lame comedies about a cop juggling family and career and a judge with a messed-up personal life. Then there’s “State of Affairs,” an embarrassing attempt at career revival for diva actress Katherine Heigl.
“State of Affairs” earned a crummy Metacritic score of 43 out of 100, based on the reviews of 28 critics. (At least that’s better than “Laura” and “Judge,” which scored 37 and 38, respectively.)
But it’s hard to put together an advertisement with the reviews it got from the professional critics:
“Incredibly trite and preposterous series … laughably bad.” – Mark Dawidziak, Cleveland Plain Dealer
“Another second-rate wannabe.” – David Wiegand, San Francisco Chronicle
“Everything about it feels TV-fake and contrived.” – Rob Owen, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
“Disappointingly derivative … clumsy and unconvincing star vehicle.” – Matt Roush, TV Guide
Yeah, those won’t work. So NBC resorted to searching Twitter for regular Joes and Janes who had kind things to say about the show. The network has been running an advertisement lately with quotes from six tweets it found.
I decided to check out those tweets to see who actually likes “State of Affairs.” Here’s what I found.
“Amazing” – @amysaraiiva 
That Twitter account doesn’t exist, NBC. But @AnySaraiiva called “State of Affairs” “amazing” before it aired on Nov. 17. That’s right, sight unseen.
She wrote, “@KatieHeigl @NBCStateAffairs So excited for tonight! This show is gonna be amazing!!! #StateofAffairs”.
“Best New Show” – @TobieDenney 
The day after the premiere Tobie wrote, “@NBCStateAffairs Best new show on TV. Cast is beyond terrific.”
“#Flawless” – @Monnielicious3 
Monnie was actually writing about Heigl, not the show. On Dec. 1, she tweeted, “Get it girl. No regrets. @KatieHeigl @NBCStateAffairs #StateofAffairs #QueenK #flawless”.
She admitted to having a “girl crush” on Heigl and wanting her wardrobe from the show.
“Intense!!” – @ForeverPattyM 
Patty Matthews tweeted, “Watching @NBCStateAffairs & it’s intense!! Need to pause to drink the coffee!!”
“Riveting” – ‏@dylannbluee 
Thirty minutes into the series premiere, NBC went on Twitter to solicit opinions about “State of Affairs.” Dylann Bluee obliged with some positive blurbs.
“@NBCStateAffairs captivating and riveting amazing I love it,” Dylan said.
“So good!” – @AnneChristianRi 
A.C. Riley took to Twitter and praised the new show after its premiere. “Just watched @NBCStateAffairs! So good! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time! Nice to have you back on TV @KatieHeigl!!,” she said.
Heigl might be a pain to work with, but apparently she still has some diehard fans out there.

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Alcalde Jaime Miguel Curleo said...

Hey, nice research: You're on the 1st page of Google results for all those yokels' Twitter handles (and the sole result for the one they'd misspelled). Was just watching a DVR'd SNL Christmas special & wondered why David Manning wasn't there singing Heigl's praises as well; carry on NBC, and best of luck with that new rip-off of "The Americans" (you really should've titled it, "NBC Night In America")

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