Friday, February 27, 2015

Fun movie websites: Movie title stills, final images and famous objects

I love movies and I enjoy interesting websites about movies.
Yesterday, I profiled Awful Reviews. Today I’ll discuss six other fun movie-themed websites

Art of the Title

The website Art of the Title appreciates the artistry that goes into making compelling title sequences for movies and TV shows.
Founded in 2007, the website has examined opening credit sequences for such TV shows as “Twin Peaks,” “Game of Thrones,” “Adventure Time” and “The Walking Dead.” It’s covered movie title sequences from the likes of “The Interview,” “Forrest Gump,” “Taxi Driver” and “The Wizard of Oz.”

Movie Title Stills Collection

On a similar note, the Movie Title Stills Collection is a website containing hundreds of main titles from feature films, both classic and recent.
The collection spans from 1920s silent films to present-day blockbusters.

The Final Image

While some film buffs are obsessed with movie opening title sequences, The Final Image focuses on the last shots.

Famous Objects from Classic Movies

Famous Objects from Classic Movies is an online game where you guess the titles of movies based on silhouettes of objects from those movies.
The early stages are easy, but it gets progressively harder.

Google Street Scene

The website Google Street Scene doctors images from movies to make them look like they are photos from the street view feature of Google Maps.
The blog is the work of Tre Baker, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Quiet Earth

Quiet Earth is a website focused on science-fiction and horror movies. It has a particular interest in post-apocalyptic movies.

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