Sunday, February 22, 2015

Fun websites: Honest corporate slogans, repurposed Pizza Hut buildings

I come across a lot of interesting websites in my travels online. Over the next few days, I plan to list some of them by category. Today I’ll review a few business-related websites.

Used to Be a Pizza Hut

Used to Be a Pizza Hut documents the many shuttered Pizza Hut buildings that get repurposed for other uses.
“These beautiful structures, most likely now devoid of the table-top Pac Man machines, dot the American landscape,” the website says. “Some provide ethnic food, some, used cars, and a rare few are now municipal buildings. Whatever their current purpose, we can always be reminded of the mediocre pizza that was once served in these establishments. That, and those red plastic cups.”
Mike Neilson, a mobile software designer in Bethel Park, Pa., created the website in 2008 and has documented more than 500 former Pizza Hut buildings since then.
The website was discussed on Brandflakes for Breakfast.

Honest Slogans

Honest Slogans is a funny website that features rejiggered corporate logos and slogans. It portrays products and companies as how they are actually perceived.
Honest Slogans is the work of graphic designer Clif Dickens. He posted some of his favorites on Huffington Post.

Our Incredible Journey

Our Incredible Journey is a blog that documents when one company buys another and then shuts down its services. This happens all the time with Internet companies. The blog is the work of Phil Gyford.
The website was discussed on Laughing Squid.

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