Friday, February 20, 2015

LFL wardrobe malfunction photos moved to new website

In the summer of 2013, Tumblr unceremoniously deleted three blogs I had created and managed, including one on Lingerie Football League wardrobe malfunctions.
I recently posted almost all of the LFL photos that Tumblr erased on a new service, Soup, based in Vienna, Austria. Hopefully Soup is a more trusted entity than Yahoo’s Tumblr and can respect “fair use” exemptions to copyright.
Since Tumblr deleted my research on the photos, I had to recreate descriptions for the photos, which was difficult. It’s something I put off doing for a year and a half.
In November 2010, I boasted that Tech-media-tainment had become “the Web’s leading aggregator of Lingerie Football League wardrobe malfunction photos.” This website generated a lot of traffic because of that distinction.
But the torch has long since passed to the Italian blog Very Special Girls, which is the now the top aggregator of LFL wardrobe malfunction photos worldwide.
TMT posted LFL wardrobe failure photos, including nip slips and bare butt exposures, to show the absurdity of the players’ uniforms. The LFL flaunts female sexuality to the detriment of the sport. If it wants to be taken seriously as a sport, it needs to provide uniforms that fit.
My curated photos were copied by a few other websites for their own LFL photo galleries.

For an archive of LFL wardrobe malfunction photos, check out LFL Wardrobe Malfunctions on

Photo: An LFL player flashes a nipple pasty while high-fiving fans. (Photo from Flickr user Feric89.)

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