Saturday, January 9, 2016

CES 2016 booth babes in review

You can always count on guy-driven tech news websites to post pictorials of the hottest “booth babes” at CES in Las Vegas. These articles are great for generating clicks. Hey, you clicked on this article, right?
Some websites are unapologetic about their sexist pictorials of female promotional models.
Techware Labs wrote, “Grab onto your seat and get some ice packs as these ladies are hot.” (See sample photo below.)

Video game website Fraghero wrote, “We should have been covering the latest gaming tech, but instead we scoured every nook and cranny to find the hottest booth babes at the event.” (See sample photos at top and below.)
As a bonus, Fraghero includes the names and Instagram accounts of most of the stunning models.

The website Coed featured a pictorial of CES booth babes, noting that they are “a man’s favorite attraction at any convention.” (Sample pic below.)

PC Magazine tried to lessen the embarrassment of running a booth babe pictorial by adding shots of attractive male promotional models at CES. Its slideshow was titled “The Booth Babes (and Bros) of CES 2016,” but included a lot of miscellaneous photos of products and attendees. (Sample booth babe photo below.)

Motherboard included a photo of some lovely ladies from Bitcoin with its article “At CES, Women Executives Are Still Mistaken For Booth Babes.”

The Cult of Mac and Business Insider both did booth babe pictorials packaged as news stories. Each said attractive fitness models had overtaken the standard booth babes at CES. (Sample photos below.)

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