Sunday, January 10, 2016

CES 2016 buzzword of the show: HDR

Every year after CES, still known to many as the Consumer Electronics Show, I select what I consider to be the buzzword of the show.
Sometimes it’s an overused adjective in vogue with corporate marketing departments. Other times it relates to a hot technology or trend.
The buzzword of the show is a word heard disproportionately and prominently from multiple major vendors during CES.
This year that word is HDR, an acronym for “high dynamic range.”
HDR is the technology that makes the images on 4K ultra high-definition displays really pop. It refers to an image that can display a greater range of brightness and luminosity than standard pictures. HDR allows for darker blacks and a broader gamut of colors.
The latest high-end TVs will feature HDR. LG, Samsung, Sony, TCL and Hisense buzzed about HDR for their latest TV sets. Several manufacturers announced Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc players that can generate HDR images.
The UHD Alliance announced a set of standards for 4K and HDR products.
Plus, content producers and distributors, including Netflix and YouTube, announced HDR initiatives at CES 2016.

Runners-up for buzzword of CES 2016: VR (virtual reality), autonomous (as in self-driving cars), IoT (Internet of things), and 360 (as in 360-degree video for virtual reality and surround-sound audio).
Honorable mention: “ables” (wearables, hearables and electric rideables.)

CES buzzwords through the years: 

2010: Green
2011: Smart
2012: Ultra
2013: Super
2014: Curved
2015: Wearable
2016: HDR

Photo: Curved 4K TVs on display at CES 2016 (Consumer Technology Association photo). 

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