Saturday, June 4, 2016

List of movies featuring time machines

I’m a sucker for time travel movies. But most are pretty terrible. My favorites are the “Back to the Future” and “Terminator” movies.
The mode of time travel in movies is usually magic or something supernatural. Here I’ve tried to compile a list of live-action movies that feature time machines that are presumed to be science-based. So, no time machines that look like hot tubs or phone booths.
I tried to include only movies where the film revolves around the time machine, so I left out the “Terminator” and “Austin Powers” movies. In those movies, time travel is more of a device to launch the action or set up the fish-out-of-water plot.

Movies featuring time machines, with review score 

The Time Machine (1960), 77% positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes
The Time Travelers (1964)
Journey to the Center of Time (1967)
Idaho Transfer (1973)
Time After Time (1979), 86%
My Science Project (1985), 14%
Back to the Future (1985), 96%
Back to the Future Part II (1989), 63%
Back to the Future Part III (1990), 74%
Timecop (1994), 43%
12 Monkeys (1995), 88%
The Time Machine (2002), 29%
Timeline (2003), 11%
Primer (2004), 71%
A Sound of Thunder (2005), 6%
Timecrimes (2007), 88%
Looper (2012), 93%
Predestination (2014), 84%
Project Almanac (2015), 35%

Photo: Movie poster from "Back to the Future."

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