Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Lying click-bait articles: transgender celebrities and what actors look like today

The scourge of deceptive click-bait articles continues unabated.
I’ve written a couple of times about how content promotion services will use misleading photos to get people to click on article links. Often the photo has nothing to do with the article or it uses an obviously incorrect photo.
In a previous post, I cited examples of articles about transgender celebrities, which used photos of celebs who aren’t transgender. Those examples included Pink and Julia Stiles.
Here are two more examples.
One article titled “25 Transgender Celebrities We Have Come to Admire” shows side-by-side photos of actor Elijah Wood and actress Mischa Barton.
These photos have been used together so many times in articles about celebrities who look alike that a reverse image search on Google for the Elijah Wood picture suggests it might be Mischa Barton.
In this case, the article suggests they are one in the same after gender reassignment surgery. The doctors also must have made their patient taller. Wood is 5-foot-6 and Barton is 5-foot-9.

Another article titled “20 Transgender Celebrities You Need To Know!” shows two photos of actor Cillian Murphy, one dressed as a woman for the 2010 movie “Peacock.”

Another type of click-bait article tells the reader that they won’t believe what some actor or actress from an old movie or TV show looks like today.
An article titled “24 Celebs Who Aged Drastically!” uses a photo of Anna Chlumsky from the movie “My Girl” (1991). She was almost 11 when the movie was released. The article pairs her photo with that of some ugly woman.
Chlumsky, 35, is actually a very attractive lady.

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